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Discussion on: J.A.R.V.I.S is now READY!

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James Pinto • Edited

I really think the choice of name and title is the real and only problem here.

We just released our Jarvis prototype in Python! Come help us make architectural choices and vote on the best AI implementations to use.

Now you're not claiming just to have helped the Ironman build time travel. See the difference? 😅😛

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Marko Shiva Pavlovic

Nah in the development world I mean on github we had different projects.
I was making a Digital Intelligent Assistant some people ware making the spinoff of JARVIS as just a chatbot without any serious AI. Also there was a MyCroft AI and they tried to emulate work to some point of Google Assistant and Echo.

So what I am saying I see people rebooting that project over 7 years already. :) Different project with ame marketing name.

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