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Is Golang better than C?


Golang is like C if it was designed today. So what are the differences? In this article we'll discuss this.

C has been around for ages and Go is a new language that's only been around for around a decade. The similarities with C are:

  • Explicit in as many things
  • Minimal syntax.
  • Commonly done operations into the syntax.

Unlike C, Golang is:

  • is not a general-purpose language, but language to replace C++ for back-end server applications.
  • Go doesn’t have all the header file headaches of C
  • Has built-in support for concurrency using goroutines
  • Has a dedicated operator for turning off a bit: &^.
  • Doesn’t require odd, unreadable pointer syntax for function pointers.
  • Doesn’t require ; semicolons to end statements
  • Has declaration type inference.
  • Compromise between object-oriented programming and procedural
  • Has a garbage collector

It is much more pleasant to program in Go than in C.

But, Go isn’t really suitable for systems programming like OS kernels or device drivers. Nor is it suitable for embedded programming where you need direct realtime hardware access.

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