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Personally TDD means your code is testable. It's designed, that it's proven to be testable, at a smaller level. The tests also communicate on how it works. It also speeds up development, develop once and park it. I do reactor, but it can be an obsession, visually I want to keep it simple (KISS), I hate VAR in code reviews as I dont want the cognate overload of working out what VAR is especial when there is so much to scan. Sure there is the issue that some people don't get anything out of tests, then don't do testing. For me it's also pain reduction. The next question is about mocking and fakes, what is testable and is the fake honest? Next, are the tests giving me a false sense of security? Finally you are delivering a product, at a price point, tests are not the delivery, you code is (YAGNI).

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