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Where to start with DevOps

Jonathan Hall
The Tiny DevOps Guy ⋄ I help small teams get the most out of DevOps
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DevOps is a big topic. This is made clear by the sheer number of books, blogs, podcasts, and conferences on the topic.

It’s a bit overwhelming, and simply knowing where to start can be a mystery.

I have two simple suggestions for how to start, if your team is new to the idea of DevOps:

  1. The next time your product suffers an outage or serious problem, conduct a no-blame postmortem. I’ve written a quick guide to help: The Zero-prep PostMortem: How to run your first incident postmortem with no preparation.

    If things are running smoothly, so you don’t need a postmortem, great! But bookmark the link and keep this idea in your back pocket. You’ll need it eventually!

    In the mean time…

  2. Begin streamlining your software delivery process. The best tool I know for this is what I call Lean Continuous Deployment. My free Lean Continuous Deployment bootcamp will take you through the steps of setting up Continous Deployment or Continuous Delivery, without the need to automate all your tests first.

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