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Top Tips for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam!

I was really pleased to receive the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam this month. It was also great fun to take the opportunity to talk about this shared achievement with Brian Hough, Shubham and Parth. In this video we discussed best approaches for the Cloud Practitioner.

ย Resources:

  1. A Cloud Guru.
    A Cloud Guru is a nice mix of practical and theory and this was very useful for revising for the exam.

  2. Qwik Labs
    I really like working on the Qwiklabs training which includes labs on a wide range of AWS Cloud resources including Serverless Design and Big Data. Very useful for slightly more practical experience using Cloud without the worry of destroying resources.

  3. Digital Cloud
    This was a really nice overview of the exam. I used the Exam Cram sessions for last minute revision before the exam.

  4. AWS Power Hour

AWS Power Hour was a very useful overview of the fundamentals of AWS.

  1. Free Code Camp
    I really liked this video from Andrew Brown which gave a really useful high level view of the Cloud services.

  2. Whizlabs
    Whizlabs was very useful for past papers and questions for AWS Cloud Practitioner.

The Cloud Practitioner has increased my confidence immensely and I have plans to move onto the AWS Cloud Developer exam. Go AWS!


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