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Discussion on: For Freelancer Developers/Web Design Companies, do you outsource your hosting or do you use your own Infrastructure?

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James Turner

It really depends if you want to be a hosting company or not. If your goal is to do website design/development, I'd try and just push a client to a specific hosting company that you know will suit the needs of what you're building (eg. Node, Python, PHP etc).

Either being the hosting company through providing your own infrastructure or just being a middleman to outsourced hosting have their drawbacks. You'll effectively become responsible for uptime and any issues that result in the hosting of the service. It also inadvertently "locks" the client into your hosting because you developed it. That might sound good for you but I've found that lack of separation more of an issue than a benefit.

What I do is provide a recommendation of a hosting company that would work and get the client to sign-up directly to that.

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Vicente G. Reyes Author

Alright. I think I know what to do now. Thanks!