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10 Best Data Science Projects to Get Hired and You Must Know

You have given your time and gained data science skills, but not getting a data science job. If you are in the same state, then it’s time to do some data science projects. That’s why I am gonna share some Best Data Science Projects to Get Hired. These projects will definitely boost your resume and make you different from the data science crowd.

So after reading this article, start doing some good data science projects. Now without further ado, let’s get finding the best data science projects to get hired-

1. Color Detection with Python

This is a beginner level project, where you have to build an interactive app. This app will identify the selected color from any image. There are 16 million colors based on the different RGB color values, but we only know a few colors.

So to implement this project, you need to have a labeled dataset of all the colors that we know, and then you need to calculate which color resembles the most with the selected color value.

In order to implement this project, you should be familiar with Computer Vision Python libraries- OpenCV and Pandas.

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