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DataCamp VS Coursera for Data Science in 2021: Complete Comparison

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As a Data Science learner, most of the time, we are confused between numerous learning platforms. Especially in between Datacamp vs Coursera for data science.

So if you are not sure, then read this article and decide which platform is better for you.

Data Science is getting popular day by day. Many companies are adopting data science, especially for marketing purposes.

According to the Harvard Business article, The Data Scientist is the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. That’s why many people want to learn Data Science. When it comes to learning, the most common and easy way is MOOCs.

MOOCs are Massive Online Open Courses. These are the courses available online that provide data science training to a large audience.

These online courses are boon for the people who can’t attend universities due to various reasons like location, financial problems, etc.

There are lots of online platforms available that offer a wide range of online courses like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, Datacamp, edX, etc. But the most preferred platforms by the learners are Coursera and DataCamp.

Both platforms are great and provide useful resources for learners. Now let’s start a comparison between DataCamp VS Coursera for Data Science.

DataCamp VS Coursera for Data Science

The major difference between DataCamp vs Coursera are-


DataCamp- DataCamp provides three plans for individuals– Free, Standard & Premium.

Coursera- Coursera offers a 7 Day Free Trial and then you have to pay a subscription amount per month.

Mode of Learning

DataCamp- DataCamp has self-paced video lectures.

Coursera- Coursera also provides self-paced videos with schedule learning.

Learning Material

DataCamp- DataCamp has online courses and tracks in STEM fields.

Coursera- Coursera provides courses, specialization programs, and online degrees.

Pros & Cons of DataCamp


  1. DataCamp courses are based on interactive learning with many videos and engaging exercises to complete.
  2. DataCamp has a clear and simple pricing plan page.
  3. DataCamp offers teacher discount policies.


  1. DataCamp doesn’t provide Accredited Certificate. So If you are looking for a recognized validated certificate it is best to check out platforms like Coursera

Pros & Cons of Coursera


  1. Well structured courses
  2. All Courses are from educational institutions around the world.
  3. Widest catalog of courses with a certification by a professional institution like Universities.


  1. Bit Expensive
  2. Needs more commitment to the courses.

Who should Enroll in DataCamp?

  1. Those who are a beginner in data science and wants to learn data science basics.
  2. And those Who don’t want to invest extra money in learning data science.

Start Learning at DataCamp

Who should Enroll in Coursera?

  1. Those who are intermediate and advanced learners and want to gain in-depth knowledge of data science.
  2. Those who want to learn Data Science from a formal university and from experienced instructors from the world’s top universities.
  3. Those who are looking to get a certificate (not so much important) from an accredited institution.
  4. And those who can invest a few extra bucks to learn data science.

Start Learning at Coursera

I hope this brief comparison between DataCamp and Coursera will be helpful for you.

For a more in-depth comparison between DataCamp and Coursera- Click to continue reading...

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