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Discussion on: An Adequate Introduction to Functional Programming

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Tony Brix

Seems kind of ironic that someone would need to write code in an imperative way to make it more readable in an article that claims declarative programming is easier to read. 😂🤣

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You are correct! I think that when beginners start to see things like map or reduce or findIndex they get lost quicker than when using this way of writing (which uses concepts that are present in other imperative languages). Maybe a little more approachable to begin the smooth transition to the Array methods.

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Andrea Bertoli Author • Edited

Thanks Amin for the "human-readable" version of pipe! 😁

The article supposes some degree of familiarity with JS. Maybe I need to mention some prerequisites in the intro part.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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You are very welcome friend. I also understand that this topic could last for hours of reading but I think we can agree that we agree. 😂

Anyway great article again I really enjoy reading this through. Keep up the good work!

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