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We've been looking for a great way to integrate the theory of constraints into our programming practices. Love the way you take the books that you read and create actionable steps



If you like Theory of Constraints, you are going to love "The Principles of Product Development"(Donald Reinertsen)). It's an amazing book for any software development team.

The basic premise is that agile/scrum/whatever methodologies borrowed concepts from lean and six sigma without realizing that the fundamental assumptions behind these manufacturing methodologies don't hold in product development. This book points out the bad assumptions and gives you remedies that will work for product development. Once you read it, you'll be shocked at how silly we've been for blindly borrowing the ideas from manufacturing.

I've got a whole series of posts planned around this book but they won't be ready for a while.


Thank you kindly for recommending a book that I suspect may blow my mind. I appreciate it!

You're welcome.

He's also got some great overview videos on youtube:

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