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re: I work with VScode on a large team with giant codebases. The benefit for me is that I can add the extensions I need to be productive, instead of ha...

Tell us more about how you’re refactoring? How often? What is automated, and what is manual? How much time does it take?

I refactor frequently. Almost everything is automated. I add extensions for anything the editor doesn't have natively. I guess my argument is not against IDEs (I'm a huge intelliJ fan) but rather that I prefer the freedom and flexibility of a faster and more lightweight editor with custom extensions.

I honestly don't know how people use vim on large projects. Willing to be convinced otherwise though :)

Could you share the list of plugins that you use for refactorings?

(I tried to set up these things myself, but it seemed like a lot of things I need are missing)

@pringels have you tried nerdtree in vim? Just getting a navigation tree with an understanding for tabs and splits makes life so much easier in vim.

I used this or similar when I was a vim user. Works nicely to understand the project files. Also used tabs and splits quite efficiently.

I'll give it a shot, thanks! When I first tried getting into vim, someone told me that I shouldn't bother until I've mastered touch-typing. I then did typing tutorials for a few weeks after work until I decided that life is too short :P

Perhaps I'll give it another go.

@oleksii it depends on your workflow I guess, but yeah ill gladly send you a list of some of my favourites

I’d love to have a working set for any workflow. Then I can tweak it from there :)

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