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Dank Neon

We just released on Saturday on! We'd love your help building a great looking, accessible theme for everywhere people write code!

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DankNeon theme discussion

Dank Neon

a danker, more neon theme for anywhere you view code

Installing for your editor

To install Dank Neon for your favorite editor, visit the homepage and find your editor in the listing. (Don't see your editor? Create a theme today!)

Contributing to Dank Neon

Use some esoteric editor? Want to use Dank Neon colors on your favorite website? Someone else probably does too!

You can give back to Dank Neon by creating a new repo for an editor or adding a resource to the homepage! There are lots of good tasks for new contributors and the editor repos have their own issues open! Check them out and start giving back! For more information, check out the contribution docs.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Work in Progress

We are working to add tags for new developers, but we'd love to hear what editors you want to see! This project is focused on the community so we need as much feedback and contribution as we can get!

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