Who's looking for open source contributors? (Jan 21st edition)

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

Find something to work on or promote your project here.

Please shamelessly promote your project. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always. 😄

Additionally, all are welcome to also create a standalone post in this tag:


For open source maintainers to get together with willing contributors.

Follow the tag for more posts like this one.

Happy coding!


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Joseph Mancuso

Masonite is always looking to grow the community. Masonite is a new Python web framework that has garnered a lot of attention in the past year. Nearly ~150 people in the Official Slack Channel and growing pretty fast. 680+ stars on github (adding a few per day) and a really warm and welcoming community overall.

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Anton Reshetov

Welcome to UI Email Signature Generator - github.com/antonreshetov/mysigmail

Now I am working on version 2 in which there will be a WYSIWYG email editor.

Therefore, I would be happy if there are willing to help me in the development of templates for signatures

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Dane Hillard

I'm looking for folks to try out and provide feedback on our Python API client, apiron. You can read about the impetus and see the code in the links below!

ithaka / apiron

:fried_egg: apiron is a Python package that helps you cook a tasty client for RESTful APIs. Just don't wash it with SOAP.


Documentation Status PyPI version Build Status

apiron helps you cook a tasty client for RESTful APIs. Just don't wash it with SOAP.

Pie in a cast iron skillet

Gathering data from multiple services has become a ubiquitous task for web application developers The complexity can grow quickly calling an API endpoint with multiple parameter sets calling multiple API endpoints, calling multiple endpoints in multiple APIs. While the business logic can get hairy, the code to interact with those APIs doesn't have to.

apiron provides declarative, structured configuration of services and endpoints with a unified interface for interacting with them.

Defining a service

A service definition requires a domain and one or more endpoints with which to interact:

from apiron.service.base import Service
from apiron.endpoint import JsonEndpoint

class GitHub(Service):
    domain = 'https://api.github.com'
    user = JsonEndpoint(path='/users/{username}')
    repo = JsonEndpoint(path='/repos/{org}/{repo}')

Interacting with a service

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Matt Rogers

I have two projects that could use some help with.

The first is an open source GTD style todo list application called Tracks. It's more than 10 years old, but it's useful to a lot of people and I'm hoping some lovely people will come along and help me maintain it. Tracks is in need of code and design contributions, but any contribution at all would be incredibly welcome.

The second is a bit more well known. Jekyll. Jekyll is a large project, with many repositories, and the core team (which is currently me and three others) could use some help. We're working towards a 4.0 release and simply don't have enough people power to get all the things done we want to get done in a reasonable timeframe. Jekyll is in need of code contributions specifically, but again, any contribution at all would be incredibly welcome.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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Felippe Regazio

Php Hot Reloader

A single class to provide a lightweight Hot Reloader feature to PHP traditional projects without built-in Servers, Listeners or Sockets. Is compatible with frameworks like cake, laravel and codeIgniter. Required skills: php and javascript.

About: This class adds a live reload feature to any php project. It allows you to see your page dynamically changing while coding, without have to keep refreshing the browser on every change. By default, the script will turn your project tab reactive to changes in included/required files, css and js files related to the tab opened. Please see the "example" project on the sources. Every browser, every project, one single file.


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Nikita Sobolev


We are building the strictest python linter ever! Join us!

GitHub logo wemake-services / wemake-python-styleguide

The strictest and most opinionated python linter ever!


wemake.services Supporters Build Status Coverage Python Version wemake-python-styleguide

Welcome to the strictest and most opinionated python linter ever.

wemake-python-styleguide logo

wemake-python-styleguide is actually a flake8 plugin with some other plugins as dependencies.


pip install wemake-python-styleguide

You will also need to create a setup.cfg file with the following contents.

This file is required to configure our linter and all 3rd party plugins it uses However, this is a temporary solution We are working at providing the required configuration for you in the future.


flake8 your_module.py

This app is still just good old flake8 And it won't change your existing workflow.

invocation resuts

See "Usage" section in the docs for examples and integrations.

What we are about

The ultimate goal of this project is to make all people write exactly the same python code.

black pylint flake8 wemake-python-styleguide
Formats code?
Finds bugs? 🤔
Finds complex code? 🤔
Has a


We have tasks for both newcomers and more experienced developers.

The code base is relatively simple. So, if you know python - you can jump right in!

Developer Experience

We care about providing good Developer Experience. So, you will have:

  • Almost 8000 unit and E2E tests with 100% test coverage
  • fully typed code with mypy
  • in-depth developer's documentation
  • friendly and welcoming community and any help you need from the project maintainers
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Josh Ghent

ESFiddle - esfiddle.net

We are in the process of rewriting the frontend in React and the backend in Node and Typescript as well as a huge redesign and refocus into teaching.
The project is a bit influx at the minute as I do not have any time to work on the project (family stuff), so I am looking to hand this over to someone or help any contributors who would like to contribute.

If you are looking for something to contribute to that is a bit meatier than just updating docs or tests, then this is the project for you.

Feel free to raise an issue on github if you are having trouble getting started.
github.com/esfiddle/site - repo for the frontend
github.com/esfiddle/api - repo for the backend

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Ankit Uniyal

Hi Josh,

I would like to contribute in your project. I am available to discuss further and will also set up the local environment.


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Josh Ghent

Great stuff! Thanks Ankit! Let me know how you get on. Our contributing guide should get you sorted :)

joshghent profile image
Josh Ghent

Great stuff! Thanks Ankit! Let me know how you get on. Our contributing guide should get you sorted :)

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Wilfredo Pérez

Wow!! Would be great!!! How can I contribute to this project? I'll check the repos checking how I can help.


joshghent profile image
Josh Ghent

So the main way is to help out with the API if that is your expertise. Alternatively, if you'd like to dive in React, then there is a lot of work to do! github.com/esfiddle/site

The main thing on the site is to start work on the editor page. It should work similar to esfiddle.net! Let me know if you need any more help. Any thing you can do would be a massive help! :)

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Wesley van Heije

#BUIDL Explorer is an open-source repository and issues explorer. I wanted to simplify the way for newcomers to explore the blockchain space, find projects and start contributing.

It lists projects that are specifically 'Good first issues' or 'request help' from new contributors. Filter on your favorite language and you're good to go!

The project itself is open-source as well of course. Could easily be forked to keep track of other topics/technologies.


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Burhanuddin Rashid

I have a Photo Editor library with simple, easy support for image editing using paints, text, filters, emoji and Sticker like stories. It's growing very fast and needs some helping hands to fix bugs and add features.

GitHub logo burhanrashid52 / PhotoEditor

A Photo Editor library with simple, easy support for image editing using paints,text,filters,emoji and Sticker like stories.


CircleCI Downloads API JavaDoc Uplabs AndroidArsenal AndroidDevDigest AwesomeAndroid AndroidWeekly Mindorks

A Photo Editor library with simple, easy support for image editing using Paints, Text, Filters, Emoji and Sticker like stories.


  • Drawing on image with option to change its Brush's Color, Size, Opacity and Erasing.
  • Apply Filter Effect on image using MediaEffect
  • Adding/Editing Text with option to change its Color with Custom Fonts.
  • Adding Emoji with Custom Emoji Fonts.
  • Adding Images/Stickers
  • Pinch to Scale and Rotate views.
  • Undo and Redo for Brush and Views.
  • Deleting Views
  • Saving Photo after editing.


  • Hassle free coding
  • Increase efficiency
  • Easy image editing


PhotoEditor v.1.0.0 is a migration to androidX and dropping the support of older support library. There are no API changes. If you find any issue migrating to v.1.0.0 , please follow this Guide. If you still facing the issue than you can always rollback to v.0.4.0. Any fix in PR are Welcome :)

Getting Started

To start with…

nayan5565 profile image

how can i set shadow on text

abhijithdominic profile image

Can I get the jar file or the aar? Thanks

burhanrashid52 profile image
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Raphael Schubert

Hi! I'm not the owner of project, but still want to talk about Masonite Project.

It's an AWESOME python framework and can be your next core framework...
There is an excelent community, and nice Slack channel with cool people.

Take a look in docs.masoniteproject.com

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Nehal Hasnayeen

Goodwork, is a project management and collaboration tool for all kind of teams. It is open source and MIT licensed and self-hosted.

Built with Laravel, VueJS, Tailwindcss and other stuff.

You can help by coding,or testing the app or general discussion on product features.

iluminar / goodwork

Self hosted project management and collaboration tool powered by Laravel & VueJS

License Build Status Stable Version Laravel Version VueJS Version Codacy Badge codecov StyleCI Join on slack


Self hosted project management and collaboration tool inspired by basecamp

Overview | Demo | Installation | Screenshots | Contributing | Supporting | Credits | License

About Goodwork

Goodwork is a simple project management and collaboration tool for all kind of teams. It is open source and MIT licensed. Goodwork is a self-hosted software so no dependency on anyone and only you keep your data.

Goodwork brings you all the components required for your project to run smoothly in one place so that you have single source of truth. Instead of using a collection of tools or service which makes everything messy and hard to find important details from stuff scattered all over the place, Goodwork organizes everything in a central place where everyone in the company knows what to do, knows where things stand and find stuff without having to ask around all the time.

Available in 23 language

rapulu profile image

I would like to contribute to your project.

hasnayeen profile image
Nehal Hasnayeen

Please check the wiki of the project and contribution guideline and here are some available issues

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Vinicius Stock

Sail is looking for contributors! There are various ways to get involved:

  • Completing the examples in the wiki
  • Suggesting new setting types
  • Giving general feedback about the gem
  • Getting involved in the profiles implementation (coming for version 3.0.0)

vinistock / sail

Sail is a lightweight Rails engine that brings an admin panel for managing configuration settings on a live Rails app


Maintainability Build Status Test Coverage Gem Version


This Rails engine brings a setting model into your app to be used as feature flags, gauges, knobs and other live controls you may need.

It saves configurations to the database so that they can be changed while the application is running, without requiring a deploy.

Having this ability enables live experiments and tuning to find an application's best setup.

Enable/Disable a new feature, turn ON/OFF ab testing for new functionality, change jobs' parameters to tune performance, you name it.

It comes with a lightweight responsive admin dashboard for searching and changing configurations on the fly.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'sail'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install sail

Adding the following line to your routes file will make the dashboard available at <base_url>/sail

mount Sail::Engine => '/sail'

Running the install generator…

Note: dev.to is using Sail! Therefore, if you believe some feature would be useful here, open an issue with a feature request.

Note2: you can also help by dropping a thumbs up in this pull request to add Sail to awesome-ruby!

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John Forstmeier

Hi all!

Feel free to come checkout Heupr if you're interested in Golang and machine learning! Our open issues can be found here and you can drop us an email at heuprHQ@gmail.com if you have questions.

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James Nylen

ClassicPress is a fork of the battle-tested, proven WordPress 4.9 branch with the Classic Editor, and without Gutenberg. You can find more information about why we decided to fork WordPress and about our plans for the next few releases on our roadmap.

Our current release is 1.0.0-beta2 and we're looking for help to get the 1.0.0-rc1 and 1.0.0 releases out soon. You can see our current task list at the 1.0.0-rc1 milestone on GitHub.

If you have any questions, feel free to chime in on the individual GitHub issues or on our Slack group - the #core channel is a good place to chat about development of ClassicPress itself.

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Wassim Chegham

Hi there, we are working on xlayers.app (github.com/xlayers/xlayers). it's an online design viewer with automatic code generation for Angular, React, Vue.js and many other frameworks. We have a bunch of good first time issues. See you over there. Cheers.

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Yoandy Rodriguez Martinez

Kenobi is a Python Language Server I started yesterday in the afternoon. Right now it only completes and it should have basic code navigation soon (as in this week). Contributions are welcome

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Michael "notriddle" Howell

Bors-NG -- a GitHub app that keeps the master branch forever passing all the tests.

If you just want to set it up on your own repository, there's the getting started walkthrough that hundreds of users have gone through to set up the public instance. Bors has private instances run by major projects like RubyGems Bundler, Microsoft OpenEnclave, and CockroachDB.

Interested in Elixir? Like working on development tooling, GitHub's REST API, and projects with lots of stakeholders with subtly different wants? There's E-Easy issues in GitHub and not-so-easy issues if you want to stretch your debugging muscles.

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Saurav Pathak

Bagisto - Open Source Laravel eCommerce Package

bagisto / bagisto

An eCommerce Framework built on laravel for All to build and scale your business.

Total Downloads

Total Downloads Latest Stable Version License Backers on Open Collective Sponsors on Open Collective


  1. Introduction

  2. Requirements

  3. Configuration

  4. Installation

  5. License

  6. Miscellaneous

1. Introduction :

Bagisto is a hand tailored E-Commerce framework designed on some of the hottest opensource technologies such as Laravel a PHP framework, Vue.js a progressive Javascript framework.

Bagisto is viable attempt to cut down your time, cost and workforce for building online stores or migrating from physical stores to the ever demanding online world. Your business whether small or huge it suits all and very simple to set it up.

We are also having a forum for any type of your concern, feature request discussions. Please visit: Bagisto Forums

It packs in lots of demanding features that allows your business to scale in no time:

  • Multiple Channels, Locale, Currencies.
  • Built-in Access Control Layer.
  • Beautiful and Responsive Storefront.
  • Descriptive and Simple Admin Panel.
  • Admin Dashboard.
  • Custom Attributes.
  • Built on Modular Approach.
  • Support for Multiple Store Themes.
  • Multistore Inventory System.
  • Orders Management System.
dotnetcoreblog profile image

I'd love to have some folks to bounce ideas off of for implementing the Clear Site-Data header for OwaspHeaders.Core - which is an ASP NET Core Middlware item for injecting OWASP recommended secure headers. I've created an issue specifically for discussing the Clear Site-Data, too.

bluzellehq profile image

Hi, we are building a new decentralized database. It's a NoSQL key-value store. Currently in beta and supporting Javascript and also available on Heroku. Looking for feedback on beta or open source contributors. More details:

Beta trial & Developer Doc: beta.bluzelle.com/signup
Github link: github.com/bluzelle/swarmDB
Dev community on Gitter: gitter.im/bluzelle

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Ben Halpern Author

Of course, everyone is welcome to peruse the open dev.to issues for bugs and features they can take a stab at.

I just created this issue if anyone wants to take a look on the Ruby backend side of things:

Reduce queries with comments on article show page. #1606

Describe the bug Our worst-case scenario on article show pages is an n+1 problem. We do a fair amount of caching and we have a somewhat efficient approach to not make literally every query. But still, we do extra queries on some requests, and when a page with a lot of comments gets loaded cold, it can be a big outlier in performance.

To Reproduce Create an article in development and add a bunch of comments at different levels. You should see lots of queries happen.

Expected behavior A single query should be enough to load all the comments into memory. All comments that belong to an article have a commentable_id of that article, even sub-comments. We use the ancestry gem to handle the tree logic.

Since we can grab all the comments that would be part of the tree with a single query, we should be able to only ever make a single comments query and then work on that set from there.

I think the solution would be something along these lines:



Ironing that out would greatly improve worst-case-scenario page loads on posts with lots of comments.

wuz profile image
Conlin Durbin

Dank Neon

We just released on Saturday on dev.to! We'd love your help building a great looking, accessible theme for everywhere people write code!

DankNeon / meta

DankNeon theme discussion

Dank Neon

a danker, more neon theme for anywhere you view code

Installing for your editor

To install Dank Neon for your favorite editor, visit the homepage and find your editor in the listing. (Don't see your editor? Create a theme today!)

Contributing to Dank Neon

Use some esoteric editor? Want to use Dank Neon colors on your favorite website? Someone else probably does too!

You can give back to Dank Neon by creating a new repo for an editor or adding a resource to the homepage! There are lots of good tasks for new contributors and the editor repos have their own issues open! Check them out and start giving back! For more information, check out the contribution docs.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details


Work in Progress

We are working to add tags for new developers, but we'd love to hear what editors you want to see! This project is focused on the community so we need as much feedback and contribution as we can get!

raae profile image
Benedicte Raae


It is a gatsby plugin that lets you easily embed twitter, instagram, youtube, vimeo, codepen, soundcloud, reddit and more on your site!

It is my first ever package on npm and it would be great to get more eyes on it. Report any problems you might find as an issue, and submit a PR if you have time :D

Thanks in advance!

raae / gatsby-remark-oembed

A GatsbyJS Plugin that transforms oembed links into its corresponding embed code.

Gatsby Remark Oembed Plugin

This GatsbyJS Remark Sub-Plugin transforms oembed links (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, CodePen etc.) into its corresponding embed code.

This is an early version of the plugin. Let me know if you have problems or questions by submitting an issue.


npm install @raae/gatsby-remark-oembed


  • Node version 8 and up.
  • Gatsby version >=2.0.88
  • Gatsby Transformer Remark Plugin >=2.0.0

Oembed support

Under the hood the oembed provider list from oembed.com is used.

So far these providers are confirmed to be working: CodePen, Flickr, Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud.

Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and Reddit requires external javascript to be added to every page. So make sure to exclude the ones you do not need.

Example site

Check out gatsby-remark-oembed.netlify.com/. Its source code can be found on Github.

How to use


// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`
    options: {
      plugins: [
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Patricio Cano

AlloyCI has been missing from the last couple of editions of this blog post but we are always looking for contributors. If you'd like to learn Elixir, this is a great place to get started. Check us out at alloy-ci.com and github.com/alloyCI/alloy_ci/

AlloyCI / alloy_ci

Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir.

Alloy CI

build status Docker Coverage Status

AlloyCI is a Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator written in Elixir, that takes advantage of the GitLab CI Runner, and its capabilities as executor. It also provides its own runner, the Alloy Runner which is a fork of the GitLab CI Runner, with extra capabilities.

It aims to bridge the gap between GitLab's CI runner and GitHub. GitLab's CI runner is tightly coupled with GitLab, so it is not possible to use one of these runners from a GitHub codebase.

With AlloyCI you will be able to register one of the Runner projects to the platform connect it to one of your GitHub repositories, and have it run your CI and CD pipelines.

AlloyCI will report the status of your pipelines to your pull requests, branches, and commits, so you can always know their status, just like any other CI service.


  • To provide a clean…
papey profile image
Jean Michel Functional Programming

CI in Elixir, that's cool. I will take a look at it, thanks !

vsilaev profile image
Valery Silaev

I'm building a library that simplifies asynchronous programming with Java - Tascalate Concurrent. Inside you can find CompletionStage implementation for blocking and/or I/O-bound tasks (while the standard CompletableFuture is unsuitable for this); retry/poll functionality; extended operations to work with timeouts/delay and many other useful utilities.

Though I'm testing the library myself "in the wild" (several commercial projects where it's pretty intensively used), I would like to have a feedback from the community to make the library better.

vsilaev / tascalate-concurrent

Implementation of blocking (IO-Bound) cancellable java.util.concurrent.CompletionStage and related extensions to java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService-s

Maven Central GitHub release license


The library provides an implementation of the CompletionStage interface and related classes these are designed to support long-running blocking tasks (typically, I/O bound). This functionality augments the sole Java 8 built-in implementation, CompletableFuture, that is primarily supports computational tasks. Also, the library helps with numerous asynchronous programing challenges like handling timeouts, retry/poll functionality, orchestrating results of multiple concurrent computations and similar.

Since the version 0.7.0 the library is shipped as a multi-release JAR and may be used both with Java 8 as a classpath library or with Java 9+ as a module.

Why a CompletableFuture is not enough?

There are several shortcomings associated with CompletableFuture implementation that complicate its usage for real-life asynchronous programming, especially when you have to work with I/O-bound interruptible tasks:

  1. CompletableFuture.cancel() method does not interrupt underlying thread; it merely puts future to exceptionally completed state. So even if you use any blocking calls inside…
burhanrashid52 profile image
Burhanuddin Rashid

I have a Photo Editor library for android with simple, easy support for image editing using paints, text, filters, emoji and Sticker like stories. It's growing very rapidly. Need to some helping hands to fix bugs and add features.
If you want to contribute you can go through the issue list and grab any of them.


easyaspython profile image
Dane Hillard

You're the first person to appreciate our terrible puns 😄

jay97 profile image
Jamal Al

I have a small project that I'm working on with couple friends. Nothing big it's all to learn. I would love some help. If u know html, css, js, u can help


ajbozdar profile image
A. J. Bozdar

Hello Jamal. I am interested in your project and would like to contribute. I am available to discuss further.

jay97 profile image
Jamal Al

Awesome, this is my
Discored username jay#8691.
Text so i could introduce u to to the project. Great to have u🤗

Thread Thread
ajbozdar profile image
A. J. Bozdar

I have sent you discord add request.

antonreshetov profile image