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phpPgAdmin 7.12.1 released

I’m pleased to introduce the latest release of phpPgAdmin, version 7.12.1.

This release incorporates the following changes:

  • Fix a number of issues related to changes in Postgres 12.
  • Fix an issue with truncation of long multibyte strings
  • Removal of broken tree branches from table/view browse option
  • Properly escape identifiers when browsing tables/views/schemas
  • Add support for granting USAGE on sequences

Note this new version now requires support for the module in PHP.

For more information on phpPgAdmin, check out our project page at

You can download the release at:

Special thanks to Jean-Michel Vourgère, who supplied a number of significant patches and updates towards this release. For complete details of changes, please see the HISTORY file and/or commit logs. We hope you find this new release helpful!

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