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Discussion on: What is the most beautiful Linux distro?

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Yasar Yousuf
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NO don't ever try DEEPIN OS !!!

Try Deepin DE if you accidentally falled in love with it
Distros like Fedora or Endaevor OS or Garuda Linux with deepin interfaces are much better if you like Deepin Look.

Still, I recommend KDE or cinnamon or Gnome over deepin

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Vishal Raj

I believe deepin 15 had great look, but disagree for deepin 20

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Carl Draper

Yeah they've got rid of the nice sidebar for the most recent version

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D-mitchell • Edited

No software produced in CCP controlled China can be trusted. But it is pleasant looking, too bad.

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I've heard a similar argument for why you shouldn't trust NSA created SELinux.

With Open Source you don't need to trust. You can read the code.

As opposed to closed source software produced by American corporations. Apparently our corporations have no interest in survival of the species, or retaining a Democracy.

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Carl Draper

Then try UbuntuDDE which uses only the open source parts of Deepin desktop

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Nieuwe Pixels

Ubuntu came in the news for sending searches to Amazon. Not sure if they still do though. Just mentioning it.

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Carl Draper • Edited

They removed that a couple of releases ago and it only affected the main Gnome based release, not other desktops

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Its Open Source and even if you are a little bit tech savvy , it wouldn't be hard to remove all the preinstalled bloatwares.

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Madza Author

Looks clean, thanks for the recommendation πŸ‘πŸ”₯

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saandeepd • Edited

Deepin OS is a Spyware

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Nothing in that article says that... it actually even says the opposite.

"None of my expert sources were aware of any occurrences involving spyware or malware embedded in the OS code related to Deepin Linux or any other distros. However, a concern did surface last year surrounding Deepin’s website and Appstore, according to Daniel Smith, head of threat research at Radware."