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Discussion on: What environments do you use to work on GitHub projects?

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The important thing for me is that the developer setup should be the same as the CI setup. In other words, if the CI is automated, which it should be, the developer should be able to run that self-same CI sequence locally to test and quality control their work before a PR.

All my (personal) projects I fully automate dev dependencies/build/lint/packaging, so jumping to a new machine is pretty much just this:

$ git clone arb-url-here/new-repo
$ cd new-repo
$ pypyr lint-build-test
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This same automation sequence runs on the CI/CD.

This does assume the core language framework/run-time exists on the machine and the CI/CD server, though, unless you're fully docker-izing everything.

GitPod looks very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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Andre Shore

I would say the CI should be the same as production, first. Dev machines should be brought as close as possible to it, of course, but in many cases, it is hard to do as CI may run on different platforms to reflect all the production environments.
Dev team ends up having VMs on their local machines or multiple stations within their reach.

GitPod sounds interesting though. I will definitely check it myself too.

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Madza Author

My pleasure, hope it helps 🙏❤