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Discussion on: Take 'this' Quiz, Understand How 'this' Works in JavaScript

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z2lai • Edited

It's good to practice 'this' like this but there's always a whole bunch of other scenarios that might still trip people up. The best thing to do is to have some theory to solidify the understanding:

  1. 'this' is an object created for every Execution Context that is created (on program startup and on every function invocation).
  2. 'this' can change based on how/where the function is called/invoked.
  3. There are four patterns of invoking functions that define the context of the function being called:
  • function invocation (e.g. says())
  • method invocation (e.g. call.says())
  • constructor invocation pattern (when you call a constructor function with the 'new' keyword - e.g. var person = new Caller())
  • apply invocation pattern (when you provide your own context while calling the function with or say.apply(), or if you explicitly bind the context with say.bind()) Here's a really good article about these four patterns (read until the React part):
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Annie Liao Author

Couldn't agree more. Thanks so much for providing an overarching concept around 'this'. That could've been a better opening for 'this' post (pun intended).