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Discussion on: Nulling JavaScript

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I mean, we could also do this (to get rid of the IIFE), but that's unfunctional, and I don't wanna use a let tbh.

let value
try {
  value = object.x.y
} catch (err) {
  value = 'default'

Another option would probably be this, but ew, async where we don't need it...

const value = await new Promise(resolve => resolve(object.x.y))
  .catch(err => 'default')

So yeah, maybe we do need this new operator, although I really am worried about handling probably-invalid data structures. I mean, isn't that an indicator we should probably write our code a different way? Maybe we should, for example, use another function to handle that specific input, which should be checked before that? I don't know, just speculating.

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K Author

yes, like I said model your data right and things get more robust.

The promis catching is nice and I prefer it, but sometimes await is nicer in a specific case and you have to try-catch, I guess ?. would be simpler then.