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Email Marketing in a Glance!

Email marketing can be one of the most worthwhile marketing channels if you do it right.
One thing to keep in mind is that it takes longer, commitment and energy from one to get results. It is one of those marketing channels that gives you really good results when you build your list organically.
There are a lot of tools, requirements and laws such as GDPR that you should keep track of for successful results.
Below you can read all about email marketing, newsletters and how our digital agency topglobals design can help your business.

Email marketing & newsletter before and today

In the past, newsletters could be sent out and most of the mail was opened by the recipients. One of the reasons why it worked so much better is that the internet was smaller. You did not receive as many e-mails, which made it felt more special to receive an e-mail. But the internet was growing fast and people started sending mail more than ever.

As with everything, there will come a day when things work less well than they did before, especially if it is repeated daily and ends up being interesting. Today, unfortunately, it is almost completely the opposite of how it was and people have become almost completely immune to email marketing.
One of the biggest reasons for this is simply because we all get incredible with a lot of mail to our inbox and a lot of it is spam. You can send emails for free using our SMTP server 

According to statistics from Internet live stats , about 2.7 million emails are sent every second today. This means that 162 million emails are sent every minute. Sadly, many of these emails are spam.

You probably get yourself the inbox filled with lots of mail every week and even every day. What is interesting is that you probably only open a few of them and you read even less of these emails.

But keep this in mind, the emails you read through that are not related to your assignments/jobs are special to you.
Why is it like that?

Why Email Marketing & Newsletters Have Been and Are Still One of the Most Valuable Marketing Channels

If you compare other online marketing channels, there is a big difference at different points.

  • The amount of time it takes to achieve results depends on the size of your list, but something even more important is how you collected these subscribers.
  • The cost of Email marketing is less than the other channels. Many of the email marketing service providers can offer up to about 2,000 subscribers and x number of mailings per month completely free of charge. For larger lists, it will cost per subscriber or mailing but never like ads where you pay per click or impression.
  • You do not usually have full control and access to the information with the other digital marketing channels as with email marketing. Just with email marketing, you have more control over what is shown, how it is displayed and how often it should be displayed. You have access to the information about your subscribers and do not risk losing access to it should any of the search engines or social media networks disappear. 
  • Newsletters are much more personal
  • You do not pay for shipping depending on how much competition there is but depending on how big your list is.


Email marketing and newsletters are one of the most worthwhile marketing channels

Email marketing and newsletters are one of the most worthwhile marketing channels still

The difference between Email marketing and newsletters

Newsletters are part of email marketing and it is really just one of the email marketing options that one can use to market their business and organization digitally.
Newsletters are sent to hot leads, while other types are usually sent to cold leads.

Send emails through SMTP

When should you start by creating an email marketing list for your business

This is something that we recommend that you do as early as possible.
The reason for this is simply that it will take time for the list to grow to the right size that will give you results. Therefore, it is best to put it on the checklist from the start when you launch your website or blog.

Relevant marketing

If you do not create correctly and segment your lists for your digital marketing with e-mail, it will give the wrong effect and results.

If you send out information on products, services or other things to people who are not interested in these, there is a great risk that they will unsubscribe. If you are going to send out lots of information on topics that are not related to each other, make sure that all subscribers fall into the right categories.

Need your company/organization help with your list and start with email marketing

We at design can help you with e-mail and make it more user-friendly. We have solutions for startups, companies, organizations, brands and media agencies. Increase your conversions with our guide on best time to send your email campaigns where we have analysed more than 20 million users and there the habit of opening the 

Email marketing package


  • Creation & configuration of a new account for email marketing
  • Training how to do the mailing and email marketing basics yourself
  • 1x Template created according to your graphic profile that you can use when sending

Strategy & Shipping

  • Analysis of email marketing until now
  • Developing email marketing strategy
  • Sends up to 2 newsletters per month (you send texts we send out)
  • Every month analysis that previous mailing and reporting to you


  • Analysis of email marketing until now
  • Developing email marketing strategy
  • Copy for up to 4 newsletters per month
  • We design and build all e-mails & newsletters
  • Dispatch & configuration of automation
  • Every month analysis that previous mailing and reporting to you

We tailor our packages to the customer's needs and size. Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals with our solutions. 

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