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Getting Started with Next.js - Typescript

Getting Started with Next.js

A beginner guide Video in Urdu and Hindi for those who want to learn Nextjs :

Getting Started with Next.js - Typescript in Hindi / Urdu

  • You might want to generate static site with High perfomance and SEO.
  • Code has to be bundled using a bundler like webpack and transformed using a compiler like Babel. You need to do production optimizations such as code splitting.
  • You might want to statically pre-render some pages for performance and SEO.
  • You might also want to use server-side rendering or client-side rendering.
  • You might have to write some server-side code to connect your React app to your data store.

Next.js, the React Framework.

Next.js provides a solution to all of the above problems. But more importantly, it puts you and your team in the pit of success when building React applications.

Important features of Nextjs are :

  • File-base routing
  • Server Side rendering
  • API Routes
  • Built-in support for Typescript and SaSS.
  • Static site generation

We can create a new NextJS project by running following command :
npx create-next-app step01 --ts
Here in our project we use Typescript to create our components.We can start our NextJS application locally by running :

npm run dev

Then we can updated components in pages folder. A component exported from pages folder will be available as route in NextJS Application.

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