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What is the best development course?

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What is the best development course?

Yes, I know! This sounds like a cliche! But, I am not selling you anything and I don’t expect you to follow my leads as you’ll read this article! What I do expect from you is to be you!

Hi! I am Luc, a junior web developer over 40’s of age.

I will quickly share with you what is the best development course!

Let me tell you from the get go, that I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen. But I do know when I tell you that the best development course you ever need is the one you realize you don’t need to buy.
I’ll explain that in the following!

The market it’s full of resources!

While I am often asked “with what, or where should I begin with development” by people who want to start in this industry, I know that there are much more “newbies” better prepared than me. Evidently I know my path, and I know what is best for me when I want to start. What I usually encourage those that reach to me is by starting with “what is the internet and how it works”. I started like that. And it gave me an idea of how Browsers responds to my queries. If they know, next step it’ll be to understand HTML, for that are many free sources.

When it comes to “the best development course”, I can only say this: do not try all of them! I have more than 5 courses I bought in the last 3 months... I started only one of them. I still have to finish the one I bought last year! But the main thing is the main thing: discover what you want to do! What path you want to choose for your career. Then go! Make a research. Ask communities! One of them that I recommend it’s on Twitter. I love that community. It gives me the feeling of “being part of”. You won’t feel alone. After you found out your path, be consistent!
I said early that the best course is the one that you don’t need to buy! What I mean by this is the fact that when you watch tutorials and you don’t follow along you actually don’t value your time and the creator’s time. So, then, when you realize that you don’t care about your time, or the person who gave it to you for free, well it’s time to buy the course. That way you’ll be responsible to follow the course, finish it and value it and deploy in your next career. You could look at it as a measure of "pushing yourself". I am encouraging you to buy the course(s) you need or those you think will enrich your paths to fulfill your dream job.

Maybe I don't have money.

Look, I know it's tough. I have four kids and they have needs, my wife has needs... yes I do too. But the 100 or 1000 I invest in my self today it's the opportunity of 10k for tomorrow. Obviously, you don't have to pay that money. They are 10$ on Udemy and within Twitter community they are giveaways from time to time. You can spare your 5 coffees at the corner's street restaurant and buy the course you'll value.
Buying the course you'll hopefully getting motivating to extend your knowledges and explore this wonderful and wide world of opportunity of web development.

Either way, even if you feel discouraged and see no chance, look forward as the opportunity it's waiting.
Believe in yourself and be consistent.
With much appreciation, Luc.

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Luc_C Author

I don’t know the best course for you, but I do know that if you are able to connect with the instructor then you have succeeded.

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Bayu Angora

I learn with Udemy, Coursera, FutureLearn, etc. But the most interesting course is BitDegree.

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Deni Toshevski

What courses would you recommend? Maybe something you used 😊