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I'm sorry but you not moving from promises, your still using promises?


We are rewriting as we go. We have about 350,000 lines of code, so it's a process 😃


But why? Sorry I don't mean to be the negative rubber duck. Async Await (good idea for greenfield projects) but this is syntactic suger that makes little difference because under the hood it's still a promise.

We're not actively going through the codebase and replacing things, but we are able to eliminate a lot of extra scoping and syntax by using async/await as we make changes or add new features.

For example if you want to use the result of a promise several .then calls later, you have to either nest your promises or use a scope variable. With async/await you don't, so it has a nicer tidiness factor.

Agreed promises if used in a certain way, can cause a form of callback hell. How many promises are there in your codebase. 35000 lines doesn't really explain the size of it. To clarify I have been using async await way back when they dropped in typescript last year. I love them.

How many promises are there in your codebase

Lots of them, maybe 5-10k?

Jeez well if it make your codebase cleaner, I can see why now. Thanks for sharing the post 😀.

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