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There could be a potential web performance issue

If you have 3 of the same custom components in your app, and the custom component has huge JS library.

  st.subheader("Component Test")
  rv = my_component(name="NameViteVanilla", key="K1", config=config, nodes=nodes, edges=edges)
  my_component(name="NameViteVanilla", key="K2", config=config, nodes=nodes, edges=edges)
  my_component(name="NameViteVanilla", key="K3", config=config, nodes=nodes, edges=edges)
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You could end up loading the library 3 times (see image below). Ouch!

Image description

Seems like the multiple reload of JS code also happens if streamlit-aggrid is used.

Code snippet below displaying 3 grids

grid_data1 = AgGrid(titanic_data, key="ag1", gridOptions=gridOptions)
grid_data2 = AgGrid(titanic_data, key="ag2", gridOptions=gridOptions)
grid_data3 = AgGrid(titanic_data, key="ag3", gridOptions=gridOptions)
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Snapshot of browser network calls, showing the aggrid related JS file being called three times...

Image description

I could be doing something wrong here though. So this definitely needs some investigation...

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