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How We Implemented Fault Tolerant Hosting For ERPNext

Akash Chaudhari
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ERPNext is Open Source CRM and Business Management tool that Provide Control over Various Aspects of your Business Ranging from Work Order to Sales Invoice to Payment.It is Straight Competitor for Odoo, SAP and Other Leading Competitors. Grynn Offer this CRM Customized For European Markets. We already have Built apps like For E-Invoicing , Security Card, Tax FX Rates and Much More which Make ERPNext Native to Europe. Now we have implimetned Hosting for ERPNext. Our Initial Version of Hosting Offers 3 Months Trial for Free you can get it Here.

The stack

From the very first we were into lambda thing. Also we wanted to impliment our front end that is compleatly isolated from our provisioning Infra. So we Picked Up Netlify as our hosting and it also provides functions which is what we wanted. Our backend infra is using Linode For Provisioning machines and creating Sites. Now benifit of this is our front facing is totally based on functions and probability of its going down is very less. Our backend on the other hand requires monitoring facilities and usage to track down it's uptime and automated heaing.

The Front end

Our Front end is Using React with Gatsby and Netlify Functions. The Reason for Using Gatsby is it's Performance , SEO and Automated Splitting is built into framework which makes it perfect for Creating High Performant Pages. If you are a Vue Fan then you can use Gridsome. At Front end We take Information through Form , Verify it and Then Call a Function that queue the site creation process. Now our backend Part Comes in.

The back End

In Backend We we take request in the Queue and process it and notify user with their site and temporary password. we have a Nginx Instance Running Detached From our Infra that Helps in Monitoring. Now our Nginx Decides where to Put our site. We are using Name Based Resolution for our free trial websites.

Here is Summary of Our Infra Looks Like

Now this is view from ten thousand Feets i can say. Implimeting Hosting for Anything requires many things to be taken care of.

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