How Learning Elixir Made Me a Better Programmer 🥃

Alec Brunelle on December 09, 2018

Originally posted on my blog. After getting comfortable with a couple programming technologies, developers usually stop there; your job and the ... [Read Full]
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I have to use Javascript though i hate its dynamic nature. I have no choice in browser.
On server-side, dynamic languages are bad, no matter what benefit it brings.
I'll prefer using statically-typed languages to a dynamic languages.


On server-side, dynamic languages are bad, no matter what benefit it brings.

Sounds like a mature, battle-proven, and very smart proposition. I love how it is supported by arguments and evidence.


While I tend to agree, I really suggest giving Elixir a try. There are typed structs and pattern matching helps too. I really don't think the coding experience is the same as other dynamic languages (JS in particular).

The major benefit of a type-system in Elixir would be performance. There isn't much more you could do to improve the dev experience


Yes, if Typescript doesn't compile to Javascript. Why i have to use Typescript if it still compiles to Javascript ?

Because one sentence above you stated you “prefer using statically-typed languages.”

FYI, statically-typed means compile-time. It does not matter where it compiles to. Under the hood, even such a beast as Haskell is compiled to machine codes (hint: machine codes are not statically typed.)


Look up to see if some of your favorite typed languages are targeting web assembly. I heard the Rust and Go people are, and C# is getting Blazor, and has a few other projects like Ooui.


For me the best resources to learn Elixir and to do the shift from Object Oriented Programming to Functional Programming are:

Both resources are from PragDave that does an excellent job in introducing us to the Functional Programming paradigm and how to write Elixir in a very clean and decoupled way.


I tend to disagree. These two languages have different application areas, they also have a very different idea of how the fancy code should look like.

E.g. I love Elixir and do mostly code in it nowadays, and I find Rust useful but very ugly.


In the first exemple it’s much more what we can call function clauses rather than pattern matching. Thanks for spreading Elixir love !
The ecosystem is getting bigger ! You’ve talked about Phoenix, there’s Ecto, Absinthe, Nerves Project, etc. Elixir FTW 🥰


Hello coffee driven development : )

Would you like to try codewars for elixir challenges?
I tried hackerrank with Haskell, it's not as good as codewars. Maybe with Elixir it's different.


Codewars and Hackerrank do prove exactly nothing. C will likely lose to almost all the modern languages, while your mobile, your laptop, and your desktop are all running mostly C code.

I would say I [this is a personal experience, it cannot be generalized though] write Elixir 1.5 times slower than Ruby, read Elixir 2 times faster than Ruby and support/modify/refactor Elixir 20 times faster than Ruby.


I really like the idea of having a programming book club. Also, thank you for sharing your experience

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