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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v44

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Alex Kaminski

Hey devs! My name is Alex and I've just started a new job as a front-end developer. I've been working in web dev for around 5 years now but have mainly focused on building static sites over web apps. I'm currently learning and building things in React and GatsbyJS and am loving it. The new role uses Python for the back end so I'm currently touching up on my Python knowledge from High School. Any recommendations on Python learning resources would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and learning new things.

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Robert Gold

Congrats on the new gig, Alex! It's great to see you love React (we use it exclusively on the front end here at Knotch). I just joined this community and am hoping to connect with more React and Ruby developers. That's our stack here, and as I'm not an engineer, I just love to learn how everyone implements these technologies as I'm hiring for the team (NY-only right now)!

Hope you're well, and it's great to connect.