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🗾️ TypeScript Customers Info With MapBox

Working with typescript especially in the beginning (I am a beginner 🤔️),
declaring the type of each variable, the syntax not always intuitive, can be very frustrating! 😤️

The code stretches a lot but the advantages in the long run are undeniable! 🤓️

In this video guide i created a litle customer page to get familiar with typescript sintax, for example, when you fetch some customer info you need to declare in advance the object type using ** interface **

// User Interface
interface User {
    name: string;
    username: string;
    email: string;
        street: string;
        suite: string;
        city: string;
        zipcode: string;
            lat: string;
            lng: string;
    phone: string;
    website: string;
    company: {
        catchPhrase: string;

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In this way typescript knows what kind of data to expect, and if there is something wrong, report it in advance!

To view the customer coordinates I used MapBox

Hope this little exercise helps you better understand the importance of typescript in your code!

Video Guide

Have a nice day!

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