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Top 3 Sticker Makers for WhatsApp

alicewilliams58 profile image AliceWilliams58 ・2 min read

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WhatsApp is one of my favorite text messaging apps that I use in messaging with my friends and family. And I always love to use stickers whenever I send them messages because they add emotion to the words that you want to convey. So I tried to find these top 3 sticker maker apps for WhatsApp that will help you make your personalized stickers.

Apowersoft Background Eraser
To be more creative in making your own sticker maker for WhatsApp, Apowersoft Background Eraser is the best app for you. This tool is originally a background remover app, yet it has the ability to make customized funny stickers with your and your friend’s pictures. This app will provide you some basic photo editing features that you may use to beautify your sticker. What is more interesting about this app is that you don’t need to have photo editing skills to create a sticker for your WhatsApp.

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Seamless photo editor app.
Shows an accurate cutout of the sticker.
Maintain the quality of an image even after processing.
Does not require any photo editing skills.
No ads.

Paid app.

Sticker Maker
Another app that can be your WhatsApp sticker maker is the Sticker Maker app that you may use on your Android phone. This app will let you make unlimited customized stickers that you may use on your WhatsApp. You just need to make your own pack and then you may collect all your stickers in that folder.

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Create your own sticker packs.
Cut out sticker precisely.
Add text to stickers.

Paid app

Easy Sticker
Create WhatsApp stickers with this iOS app called Easy Sticker. Make your personalized stickers with your own picture or friends' picture with this app. With its ability to add text, shapes or applying cartoon art filters Easy Sticker is the best one for you. This app also consists of a variety of original stickers that you may use right away.

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It has automatic and manual selection tools.
Offers different sticker shapes.
Create your own packs.

It only offers a 3-day free trial.


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