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From WordPress to .NET: A Frontend Developer's Journey in a C# & .NET Environment πŸͺ„

Once upon a time, I was a young frontend developer, happily tweaking WordPress themes and making simple static sites. Little did I know that fate had other plans in store for me. While I was looking for my first job, I stumbled upon an opportunity that seemed beyond my skill set at that moment.

But an adventure began when I took a job at a small payroll companyβ€”kind of like ADP, but not as big. A short phone call was all it took, and I was in, ready to explore the unknown world of C# & .NET development.

In this story, I'll share three amazing discoveries I made in my .NET adventure, as I ventured deeper into the backend realm, which helped me grow as a developer and find new appreciation for the magical world of web development.

1. A Powerful Tool: The Strong Type System:

In this new world, I discovered a powerful concept called the strong type system in C#. It required defining the types of variables, classes, and functions explicitly, which was different from what I was used to in JavaScript. This tool helped me catch errors early, write more maintainable code, and improve the overall stability of my applications.

2. Uncovering Secrets: LINQ & SQL:

During my quest, I also uncovered the secrets of Language Integrated Query (LINQ). It wasn't SQL, which I knew a little about, but something different and exciting. LINQ, a feature in C#, allowed me to query and manipulate data from different sources using a consistent syntax, making complex tasks easier. SQL, a standard language for managing databases, gave me the power to create, read, update, and delete data efficiently. Together, LINQ and SQL helped me become a more skilled developer by making it simpler to work with data and show the right content based on what the user chose.

3. Discovering the Magical .NET Ecosystem:

Embarking on a journey with C# and .NET, a developer will explore the enchanting .NET kingdom filled with magical libraries, powerful tools, and frameworks that help craft applications. They'll learn about the legendary .NET Core, that can create modern, high-performance application across different platforms.

Furthermore, developers working with C# and .NET will become acquainted with essential tools such as Visual Studio and the NuGet Package Manager. These tools help developers navigate the ever-evolving landscape of web development, streamlining the process of building, testing, and deploying applications.

In addition to these tools, developers will also come across important NuGet packages, such as:

  • Newtonsoft.Json: A widely-used library that enables developers to easily read, write, and manipulate JSON data, converting it to and from C# objects efficiently.
  • EntityFramework: A popular Object-Relational Mapper (ORM) that simplifies database operations, allowing developers to work with C# objects instead of writing raw SQL queries, enabling them to focus on application logic.
  • AutoMapper: A convenient library that streamlines the process of mapping one object type to another, reducing the need for repetitive and error-prone manual mapping code.

With these powerful NuGet packages and tools at their disposal, developers will be well-equipped to excel in the .NET ecosystem and create sophisticated applications that impress users and meet their needs.


And so, my adventure in the .NET realm taught me valuable lessons, and I became a stronger developer.

As I continue my journey, I'll always remember these discoveries and carry them with me to apply in various aspects of web development, cherishing the challenges that helped me grow.

Back to playing some Hogwarts Legacy.

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