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Discussion on: The kind of job application process that makes me angry

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

I have built 40+ web-apps for paid. I dont know the real number of how many apps I've actually built.

Between 2005-2009 I entered a lot of 48 hour hackatons. Once you can get something out in 48 hours than it becomes 24 hours than 12 hours than 4 hours. You learn how to write just the code you need and also can leverage code from past projects. You just start to see patterns.

Rails is great because you can write your own generators, and so I just kept improving my own generators until I could generate out both backend and frontend 80% of an entire application based on writing a yaml file. This is just like how you can use CloudFormation to provision multiple AWS services.

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Theofanis Despoudis

Makes sense. Thanx.