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How can I run those tests on Internet Explorer, Safari and mobile browsers?


As of now Cypress has support for chrome-family browsers and beta support for Firefox browsers. Get to know more here. And regarding mobile browsers, Cypress will never be able to run on a native mobile app. But one can test the responsiveness of a website with the cypress.viewport() command.


Thank you for your response.

Help me understand, what's the point of having e2e tests if I can't run them on Internet Explorer, Safari and mobile browsers?

Not all users are using Chrome and Firefox.

Even Selenium works on more browsers.

We're currently using Endtest, since it supports all major browsers.

Choosing a testing framework depends on one's use case. Hopefully Cypress would be supporting more browsers in the near future.


If you really want to do cross browser testing, browserstack is a good alternative. browserstack.com/automate


Sorry, but BrowserStack and Sauce Labs are just services that offer VMs with browsers.

You still have to write your own Selenium framework, you still have to store your tests in a repository, you still have to do all the work.

We use Endtest because it offers an easy way to create and execute tests and a cross-browser cloud infrastructure.

Endtest looks good. I never had a chance to try it. I had used browserstack for some of my projects. They have an open-source grants program that lets you use browerstack for free for your open source project.

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