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4 Python automation modules


Recently I read the book 'Automate the boring stuff with Python'. For me the most interesting content of the book are several useful Python modules. I want to share a few with you:

  1. Selenium module
    With this module you can control your browser by programming clicking links and filling in information into forms. One important use case of selenium is the test automation for web apps.

  2. BeautifulSoup4 module
    The beautifulSoup module has functions for extracting information from an HTML page. You can find and select certain HTML elements with it.

  3. Openpyxl module
    With this module you can create, change and delete Excel files and those of the format xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm. This is very useful for saving time, as you can change thousands of cells automatically.

  4. Pyautogui module
    This module can simulate keypresses and the different actions of the mouse. You can execute all the possible uses of the mouse like double-click, scrolling or dragging something.

Which Python modules for automation purposes do you like or use? Have a nice day. :)

'Automate the boring stuff with Python' by Al Sweigart

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