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Vscode tips & extension

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This post is about some visual studio code extension, and tips i found.

VS Code


Here are some command i used:

F1 : Open command
Ctrl + P : Find File
Ctrl + T : Find method
Ctrl+⇧+P: : Toggle Screencast Mode (to show command)
Shit+Alt+F : Format Document
Ctrl+ΓΉ : Open Terminal
Shift + F12 : Find References
vscode cheatsheet


Here is a snippet to list all installed extensions:

code --list-extensions | % { "code --install-extension $_" }
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Extension pack list [Docs authoring]

Extension recommended by Microsoft to write docs


CodeTour allow you to add
a tour with Markdown in your files.

Make link to send command to terminal

Write in your codetour

>> ls
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and it will be rendered as a link that will be executed in your terminal.

Insert diagram


![text](relative link from the repository to your diagram)

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to refer to a svg file. You can couple this one with extension.


Microsoft Graph React Repo


Didact is a tool to interact and modify vscode itself.

The tutorial is easy to follow.

You can create link that can:

  • create named terminal
  • send command to named terminal
  • interact with vscode etc ..

This page is important to understand how to create lonk that will be interpreted as command using didact.

Hope this helps !

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