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NextCloud/S3/Latency for fellow chief information officers

As the chief information officer ;) for my self-hosted NextCloud instance, one of my primary responsibilities is to ensure that the network infrastructure is performant and cost-effective.

This is especially true if your use S3 storage with your NextCloud instance. In my case, I am using Wasabi S3.

Wasabi S3 provides reliable storage and a highly competitive rate. So I knew that I did well as the chief information officer of my one-person show.

However, my NextCloud instance is located in Sydney, and the Wasabi S3 bucket is hosted in the US. My users are based down-under, and Wasabi S3 did not have a data center in Australia. As you can imagine, this did not boast well for the performance side of things since the latency was not great. Even minor delays in transmission can cause significant reductions in usability.

Thankfully Wasabi S3 opened a new data center in Sydney, so I can fulfill my duty to ensure NextCloud is performant.

Read this post to see my test results from AWS and my local ISP:

I have now decided to move my data from the US and Australia. This is guaranteed to improve latency and help boost performance for all my users.

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