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Hi everyone, my name is Thiago and I am a Software Engineer. I started my carrier as an Android developer but in the past few years I’m focused on iOS, but I like to always learn new things too as Flutter (Dart), React Native, Go, Augmented Reality, and other crazy things. I’m from Manaus but I was living in São Paulo and now I'm living in Florianópolis. In my free time I like to read, play video games, practice sports (now that I’m here at Florianópolis I want to learn to surf too ) and between these things some doses of Netflix, but the most part of my free time I spend with my daughter and wife.
So, this is a little bit about me. 😬


Hey Thiago! I think one of the modules we'll be covering is React, I'm looking forward to picking your brain at some point when I need it :)


I'm really impressed by how developers are utilizing Flutter.


Welcome Thiago! I love React Native :) - haven't had much experience with Flutter, but I hear it's good as well. Good luck learning to surf!


Hello Chris. I'm having a hard time learning react native but I love it so much. I'm really interested in it.

It can be tricky for sure... what are you having the most trouble with?

The Use of props in multiple pages and the navigation systems. Most tutorials I have on navigation are using a very old version.

Ah yes, that can get tricky. I tend to use Redux (or something else) for that - but yeah, it can be frustrating when tutorials are out of date (libraries move so fast!)

Exactly. I've stopped learning it for a week now because I don't know what to do. So u said redux will solve my props problem right ?

I would actually probably suggest using Context to start - it's built in to react now, and there isn't as much learning curve as redux (learning redux can be really tricky!).

So yeah, I would look into using context to share data across an app.

If you're just talking about launching a new react native screen with props though - then that can be accomplished with react navigation. It sounds like that's what you're having trouble with, but it also may just be worth it for you to get that working first (since you don't have to use anything else to get that working).

Okay Chris thank you so much for your time and help. I'll check that out asap 😎

I would also suggest looking into the Context API + Hooks useContext().

Really straight forward to get started.


Welcome Thiago! I love React Native :> but I use NuxtJS hahaha....

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