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re: My journey to landing my dream job at Amazon VIEW POST

re: Congrats, Arely! Looks like you definitely put the work into getting to where you are now. Would you say that finding an internship (in NYC) is st...

Yes, it is definitely possible! I would checkout Glassdoor, or if you're already in NYC, checkout some local meetups. There's a lot of events that bring Startups to look for potential junior devs and interns. Networking is a great way to get your foot in the door! :)

This company sets up a very similar event, I'd definitely check them out!


Thanks, appreciate the advice! Definitely agree about the importance of networking — the people I’ve met so far have helped me narrow my focus and learn a lot more about the industry.

One recommendation I’ve heard from a few friends is to find a way to stand out from other developers who are starting out, so I’m taking some time to build up my UI and animation skills, since these seem to be areas that a lot of developers ignore! (Having some motion design experience doesn’t hurt either)

Thanks for the link to The Round too! Looks like they’ll be here next spring — regardless of where I am then, it’ll definitely be worth checking out.

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