Twilio Hackathon Conference Call Automation

arthicksdev profile image Art Hicks ・1 min read

I created a sample application using NodeJs and AngularJS that allows members to subscribe and be sent a call to join into a specific conference room. This will be useful for automating/routing specific people into the right rooms.

This is a simple example but could be scaled out tremendously into a full enterprise level application.

What I built

Category Submission:

Engaging Engagements

Demo Link


Link to Code


How I built it

Built the solution use NodeJs,AngularJs Boostrap 4, FontAwesome, JQuery, Google Cloud Console (only for hosting the demo) and used VSCode as the IDE.

Additional Resources/Info

Tried to keep line of code down to a minimum so it could be recreated and understood by someone starting out, or looking to recreate the experience.


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