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4 + 1 rules to understand this

arung86 profile image Arun Kumar G ・1 min read

Undestanding this

function foo(){

There are four rules to identify what this refers to in a given context

  1. Default binding:

    • points to the global or window object foo();
  2. implicit binding

    • points to the object using which the method is innvoked;

    The object that is standing before the dot
    is what this keyword will be bound to.;

  3. Explicit binding

    • possible to set explicit value by one of these methods,[]);, ,,,,);,...);
  4. Constructor / new Binding

    • value is set the newly created/instantiated Object new Constructor();

And there is a priority, whic is 4 3 2 1

The above 4 rules apply inside a normal function, but not in arrow functions

Special case

Arrow functions

  • In case of an arrow function, 2,3,4 will not work.
  • Inside arrow function the value points to value of this which is in enclosing block where the method is invoked and not where its defined.``


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