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8 Leading PropTech Companies in 2021

The article was originally published on Ascendix Tech's Blog.

Many entrepreneurs, CTOs, and startups are getting impressed by the numbers that top proptech companies present including their annual revenue, CAGR, growth of funding and users, etc.

This fact motivates people to build their own proptech software, bur there comes the question: ‘what niche and business model to choose?’

To help answer this question, we prepared a list of 8 leading proptech companies that dominate in 2021 so that you get a better understanding of the key market niches and business models they use.

So, let’s get down to business.

1. Zumper


Established: 2012
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Zumper is a proptech company created in 2012 in the United States to offer users available apartments, houses, and properties to live.

Here is a short list of main Zumper features:

  • Online booking
  • Electronic payments
  • Availability management
  • Real estate rental
  • Search result map view
  • 3D Virtual touring.

Zumper’s clients

Forbes, Mashable, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and The Washington Post are among the top brands that use Zumper on a regular basis.

Leading Companies that Trust Zumper

2. OpenDoor


Established: 2014
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

OpenDoor is one of the best proptech companies founded in 2014 by Eric Wu, a former founder of Movity, in San Francisco, CA. The proptech platform offers residential real estate transacting services for both sellers and buyers.

Here are the key features of OpenDoor:

  • Listings Map Search View
  • Real-Time On-Zoom Property List Generation
  • Smart Final Cost Calculator
  • In-Person or Live Video Touring.

OpenDoor Clients

The New York Times, Forbes,, WSJ, and Better Business Bureau are among the most well-known companies that trust OpenDoor.

What Organizations Use OpenDoor in 2021-

3. Reonomy


Established: 2013
Headquarters: New York, NY

Reonomy is one of the leading fintech and proptech software startups offering proptech Big Data and Machine Learning based insights. They help Commercial Real Estate agencies, brokers, and many other specialists to automate their daily workflow and boost efficiency.

Specifically, Reonomy has two core components – proptech Big Data Network and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Let’s check the key functionality offered by Reonomy:

  • Deep property details with a full transaction history
  • Occupant and ownership data
  • AI and predictive analytics
  • Revolutionary proprietary algorithms
  • Machine Learning and the Reonomy ID.

Reonomy Clients

Cushman & Wakefield, Brookfield, CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Lee & Associates, and JPMorgan Chase are among the clients of Reonomy.

Top Companies Using Reonomy

4. Guesty


Established: 2013

Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel

Guesty refers to one of the Israel-based flourishing proptech startups founded in 2013 to help real estate brokerages and agents administrate properties even more effectively.

The proptech company provides many problem-solving technology solutions like accelerated communication, streamlined operations, and so on.

Here are the core features of Guesty:

  • Accounting and automation tools

  • Deep analytics with dashboards and charts

  • Branded booking website generation

  • Advanced channel listings manager.

Guesty Clients

The proptech company is recognized by such brands as, Airbnb, VRBO, and VRMA Vacation Association Management.

Organizations -that Recognized and Trusted Guesty

5. HoloBuilder


Established: 2015
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

HoloBuilder is among the leading proptech startups USA founded in 2015 in San Francisco, CA.

The core mission of a company is to provide users with cutting-edge construction progress management technologies and solutions that automate operations, provide data-driven insights, and exclusive user experience for both development companies and clients.

Below is the list of main features provided by HoloBuilder:

  • Lightning-fast capture opportunities (so-called SpeedMode)
  • Punchlist items adding functionality
  • 360-degree-free 2D photos creation
  • Field-to-office connectivity management
  • BIM models comparison.

HoloBuilder Clients

One of the top proptech startups is trusted by Skanska, Hensel Phelps, BAM, M+H Architects, TotalView, and Mortenson companies.

Key Market Leaders that Trust HoloBuilder

6. Zillow


Established: 2004
Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Zillow is among the top global proptech startups USA founded by in 2004 in Seattle, WA. The company’s website is the #1 real estate related site by monthly active users in the US with over 70 mln of unique page sessions monthy.

The core mission of the organization is to transform buying, selling, and renting experiences for users into a smooth, automated, accelerated, and easy-to-use process.

Here is the main functionality that Zillow provides:

  • Advanced search experience with 3D map view, on-zoom listings update, and filters
  • Neighbourhood mapping functionality
  • Online video and 3D VR touring.

Zillow Clients

One of the leading proptech companies is trusted by such global enterprises like Salesforce, Bank of England Mortgage, Stearns Lending, and Guild Mortgage.

Zillow | Top Proptech Startups

7. ManageCasa

Established: 2016

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

ManageCasa is among the leading proptech companies established in 2016 in San Francisco, CA.

The startup offers high-quality property management automation solutions that allow landlords, service contractors, tenants, and property managers to ease communication, speed up the deal process, and automate daily workflow

Below you can see the key features of ManageCasa:

  • Advanced project management functionality
  • Cutting-edge owner portal for assessment charging, invoicing, report and document sharing, communication streamlining, etc.
  • Multifeatured marketing proptech platform.

ManageCasa Clients

Moana Ventures, Woodland at Gilberts, and Make it Berlin are the most popular clients that trust ManageCasa.

Popular Companies that Use ManageCasa

8. Ascendix Technologies

leading-proptech-companies-ascendix (1)

Established: 1996
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Ascendix Technologies is a proptech software development company created by two university friends Wes Snow and Todd Terry in 1996.

Ascendix has over 25 years of CRM consulting experience and 10 years of expertise in developing result-oriented proptech software for CRE companies.

Ascendix Clients

Ascendix is being trusted by such Commercial Real Estate market players as Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), Colliers International, Highwoods Properties, Henry S. Miller, NAI Excel, Granite, and Transwestern.

Top Clients that Trust Ascendix

Let’s now briefly overview the proptech software solutions Ascendix provides.

AscendixRE CRM

AscendixRE-commercial-real-estate-crm-key-image (1)

AscendixRE CRM is a CRM system created for Commercial Real Estate companies and brokers embedding the key functionality and customizations they need.

Ascendix Search
Ascendix-Search-app-interface-laptop (1)

Ascendix Search is a customization software designed to improve and empower default Salesforce search opportunities making them even more flexible, customizable, and useful.

This also helps multiple Commercial Real Estate market parties to improve their Salesforce search experience and transform data search, analysis, and processing into a convenient and intuitive workflow.


MarketSpace-by-Ascendix-key-image (1)

MarketSpace is a powerful property listing proptech software created to empower companies and brokers with advanced marketing capabilities and help them promote listings and availabilities even more efficiently.


Composer-by-Ascendix-key-image (1)

Composer proptech software is a digital solution designed specifically for commercial real estate brokerages and agents to help them create CRE-related brochures, property tour books, and all other types of reports needed during the landlord-tenant interaction.

Also, you can get detailed descriptions of our AscendixRE Land and Capital Markets proptech software on our sister’s website.


We hope this list will give a better understanding of the market niches, business models, and key functionality used by the leading proptech companies in the US and around the world.

If you're interested in reading the full blog post with even more information on all proptech companies listed, feel free to read the full blog post 8 Leading PropTech Companies in 2021: Overview.

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