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CovidHelpBot Twillio Hackathon Submission

What I built

I built a chatbot that Helps in relieving the stress of health workers by helping people know their present covid-19 status and advises them on what to do based on their answers. It provides people with live updates of the virus across over 100+ countries, and also enlightens people on the most common FAQ's and myths around the covid-19 virus.

Demo Link

It is a chat based bot integrated with whatsapp and programmable chat

Link to Code

Everything was done on the Twiliio console.

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

How i built it

I built a chatbot with nodejs, using Twilio autopilot and Twillio functions,
I also integrated it with whatsapp and programmable chat.
Whatsapp Simulation
 mssg Simulation


The project was fully built on nodejs.


  • Ran into some issues with the autopilot simulator, I the autopilot simulator was not adding line breaks in the output even when i added it in the code. code simulator
  • Could not add images to my with my text, throws an error simulator

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