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#Azure – Azure IoT and Bicep 🦾, creating my own resources for #JulyOT

Hi !

Last week my friend Sam helped me to understand the basic concepts of Infrastructure as a Code, and of course, we started with Bicep. You can watch the recording here:

After this, I started to play around and try to figure out how to automate the creation of my required resources for most of my IoT demos. And hey, we are in July, so it’s great for JulyOT!

During my research I found this great article that explains how to use a bicep template to create an Azure IoT Hub and a Storage Account.

Quickstart: Deploy an Azure IoT Hub and a storage account using Bicep

This is almost everything I need, I only need to add an Azure Function. Again, Docs here to save me:

Quickstart: Create and deploy Azure Functions resources using Bicep

And reading for samples, a I did a quick merge and ended with this bicep file:

That’s it ! In order to run it, I 1st create a resource group with the following command.

az group create --name blogBicepAzureIoT --location eastus

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And this command to create all the resources

az deployment group create --resource-group blogBicepAzureIoT --template-file AzureIoTDemo.bicep --parameters demoName=JulyOT

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And, after a couple of minutes, I got everything that I need in my Resource Group.

All resources created in my resource group using Bicep.

This is so cool !

Happy coding!


El Bruno

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Rikin Patel

You deployed IoT hub but how you deployed IoT hub devices?