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Free Workshop on SQL Serverless

Free SQL Serverless Workshop

On Dec 7th, I'll be hosting an hour workshop teaching you how to analyze NYC Taxi data with Serverless SQL.

Check out the event here.

You'll learn:


You will learn the technical tools:

  • Set up your workspace
  • What is serverless SQL
  • What is inferring schema automatically and how to do it
  • Time series analytics
  • Seasonality analytics
  • Outlier analytics
  • Exploratory data analysis


From NYC Taxi you will learn how to :
In particular, you analyze the New York City (NYC) Taxi dataset that includes:

  • Pickup and drop-off dates and times.
  • Pick up and drop-off locations.
  • Trip distances.
  • Itemized fares.
  • Rate types.
  • Payment types.
  • Driver-reported passenger counts.

There's no catch. It's completely free. Just register here and mark your calendar for the upcoming Create: Data event and show up.

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