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Discussion on: The kind of job application process that makes me angry

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Michael Salaverry

I agree that all applicants should be treated with respect by companies posting job offers. I too have a problem with the phrasing on the Alliance job listing, as it has a dismissive tone.

However, reasonable length coding challenges should be a part of the interview process. In my opinion, a reasonable length coding challenge should not take more than an fifteen minutes for a current employee in that role to complete.

  1. Coding challenges provide a valuable avenue for self-taught developers to prove that they now how to code in a professional way, despite perhaps not having a diploma in CS.
  2. Additionally, they help companies ignore applicants who don't have the required skill level, which helps the company spend more time on qualified applicants.
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Michael Crenshaw Author • Edited

Oh yeah, for sure! I appreciated coding challenges while job-hunting because I did a lot of extra-curricular work in college that distracted me from portfolio-building. Code challenges let me show skills I'd developed without putting code on Github.

I just prefer challenges as a second step in an interview process, rather than a gateway to any human interaction.