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re: So, here's where I land on this, because I'm in a major roadblock right now. I'm a self-taught programmer. I've had maybe one or two actual classe...

I recently tweeted "I need something between Javascript for Newbs and Javascript for C# developers. something like 'Javascript for self-taught hobbyist programmers." and was almost disappointed that I didn't even get spam answers. I mean, not disappointed but am disappointed.

This would make for a decent #discuss thread if you want to take this to the community 🙂


Once I figure out UWP for this side-hustle I'm on right now, I might do that. I can't imagine I'm alone in the particular level of knowledge/method of learning, but I'm just surprised there isn't more stuff geared towards the "We believe you're smart, so we're not going to teach you how to start an IDE (but we will have a link to show you what type of project to start in case you need it)" type.

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