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I'll start with four great devs this week.

Follow @annarankin , who is a full-stack developer with an artsy background. An awesome teacher and community member.

annarankin image

Follow @samthor for some really intricate and fascinating posts on a variety of cutting-edge tech. I loved his most recent post.

samthor image

Follow @yellzheard for really creative coding demos.

yellzheard image

Follow @rdegges for really well-written posts on all things security.

rdegges image

Follow me if you're excited about what we're building at because that's mostly what I talk about but it's kind of hard to avoid me on-platform. 😄

by the way

@ Mentioning the user and using the tag ({% user ben %}), as I have, is a good format. But feel free to use any format you like.


Thanks @ben for the shoutout! This'll motivate me to finish the numerous other drafting posts I have waiting to post. 😃

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