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re: Don't inline styles make HTML load slower on uncached load of the user logged-in view? I believe you'd be able to rely on your CDN less, and have t...

Yes and yes to an extent.

It's possible that we should remove this strategy for logged-in users. A huge amount of the traffic is still fresh users via Google or elsewhere.

HTTP2 Server Push would possibly help in the way you're describing but it's still not clear whether that tech is all the way there to avoid headaches.

I think in the next little while we will see how we plan to evolve our strategy.


I'm saying the first thing because I'm surprised the website is so blazing fast even if I'm logged in. Okay I see that if I disable JS, there's some basic stuff loaded that probably would be the safe for all users, but even so, the rest of it seems to load so fast; the database calls in the backend (on first look there didn't seem to be a lot of caching there, but I might have seen wrong), and also the fact that Ruby is quite a slow language as far as I know. I tend to have speed issues running Laravel, but then again I'm a cheapskate that runs it on $5-10 Digital Ocean servers :P

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