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With the premise that this is a scenario to be avoided at all costs IMO. I'd go with beer in this case.

I've productively engaged in this sort of thing when there was no deadline, but rather out of positive energy and a festive mentality.


D`Oh! I really hope these kinds of situations will be avoidable in my case soon. But for now I really don't have a choice.

After an hour of drinking beer I am now feeling sleepy. Guess next time I'll just go for coffee.


Best of luck!!

I just wanted to mention this because a lot of folks revere this kind of over-working. Prop it up as an unabashed positive.

I would go for beer as well. But mostly so that I could get sleepy enough to forget that final feature and go to bed like a NORMAL PERSON!! 😂😂😋😋

All kidding aside, I totally get the need for those midnight sessions. Mine happen to be the "waking up at 2AM with a sudden rush of unbearable guilt that I went to bed the night before rather than finish said feature" issue. I am sorry that you have no choice but am there myself so I get it. I'd go with beer. Or, preferrably a mid-shelf bourbon like Maker's Mark of Basil Hayden's with a splash of lime juice and a single rock. If only to relax myself because when I'm in that position, chances are I am one stressed duck.🦆

Wow! That's more than beer! I'd immediately fell asleep.

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