Discussion on: Why might a project/company use a monorepo?

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Ben Halpern Author

Any problems with issue clutter or generally too much going on in one environment?

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Conlin Durbin

We didn't use Issues so much, which might be a consideration. This was a for the companies code and so we tracked bugs/issues in a project management tool. I think proper standards and structure can mitigate a lot of that though, especially with Github's new tooling around issues/suggestions.

As far as too much going on, there were a few cases where we could have named something better. Sometimes two projects would have the same file name, and if you weren't paying attention to that, you could edit the wrong code. Better naming/more attention could have fixed that though. From a devops side, I think it made a lot of things easier. New developers could get set up quickly (just a single git clone) and all the code for deploys was in the same repo as the application code.