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Of course, everyone is welcome to peruse the open issues for bugs and features they can take a stab at.

I just created this issue if anyone wants to take a look on the Ruby backend side of things:

Reduce queries with comments on article show page. #1606

Describe the bug Our worst-case scenario on article show pages is an n+1 problem. We do a fair amount of caching and we have a somewhat efficient approach to not make literally every query. But still, we do extra queries on some requests, and when a page with a lot of comments gets loaded cold, it can be a big outlier in performance.

To Reproduce Create an article in development and add a bunch of comments at different levels. You should see lots of queries happen.

Expected behavior A single query should be enough to load all the comments into memory. All comments that belong to an article have a commentable_id of that article, even sub-comments. We use the ancestry gem to handle the tree logic.

Since we can grab all the comments that would be part of the tree with a single query, we should be able to only ever make a single comments query and then work on that set from there.

I think the solution would be something along these lines:


Ironing that out would greatly improve worst-case-scenario page loads on posts with lots of comments.

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