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Whether targeting outliers is a sustainable hiring strategy (it certainly can't be if everyone is doing it) is a widely debated topic. Less often talked about is what actually makes somebody one of these great programmers.

That's a reasonable outlook. I'll also add that we don't often bring up context. In the right environment, setting, and constraints, I am a 10x programmer (well, maybe 8x) but I can think of scenarios where I'd be 1x at best. I shouldn't think I'd be just as valuable to every team and situation.


I totally agree. I was a 1/2 developer when I worked with a team as the only remote worker. I wasn't able to keep the pace with them. In other context, my code production was very high and with decent quality ;-)


That's tough. I think most teams should take the plunge either way - all in the office or mostly remote - it's tough to be one of the only ones that aren't in the loop. Daily meetings don't make up for that either, and it shows in code quality and technical debt in my opinion.

Totally agree, or they need to be extremely considerate of those who are remote which I've seen remote-first companies do quite well. Little things like all meetings happen at your desk via video regardless of how many people are in the office...


Context is everything. I work as a bridge between front end and backend, so I'm quite often explaining how something works. I wouldn't consider myself higher then a 7 anywhere, but to them I'm more knowledgeable because I can do both.

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